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Diabetes Exhibit

Front Panels

The Story Board Exhibit on diabetes management is designed for the general public It is ideally suited for educating people in public venues such as schools, hospitals, clinics and health fair events. The issues surrounding diabetes management are numerous and complex; however, the Story Board Exhibit on diabetes management has a simple threefold message:

  1. Regular Health Exams

  2. Exercise Daily

  3. Healthy Eating

At the beginning of the exhibit, a visitor is greeted with a voice recording that introduces them to "Orge" and the "Kidney Twins" the main characters in the exhibit. These characters speak to the visitor through a series of five voice boxes and guide them through the rest of the exhibit. The last panel is an information rack for you to display your educational materials.

Back Panels 

The exhibit is self-guiding and does not need to be attended by a staff person. It can be left in place for a day or several weeks at a time. The exhibit is five and one half feet tall, three feet wide and eight feet long. It is composed of four colorful panels that are double sided and attached to one another at right angles. There are five voice boxes attached to the exhibit at each of the key message points that speak to the visitor and expound on the message they see on the graphics in front of them. The text messages printed on the banners are in English and Spanish.  The audio voice box messages are in English. 


The exhibit is easy to setup and take down. The aluminum frame of the exhibit collapses and fits into a banner tube with the rest of the exhibit. The artwork is printed on durable banner material. Banners are connected at the top in pairs and are draped over the frame and attach to the panel with Velcro tabs. The exhibit can be setup or taken down in less than 30 minutes. This exhibit is "interchangeable" with other Story Board exhibits. If you have one exhibit, you can easily add an additional message such as Asthma Management, Healthy Heart or Lead Poisoning Prevention.

The text on the banners is in both English and Spanish and is listed on the following pages.

A note from Gary:

I have worked with hundreds of agencies nationwide and everyone has their own purchasing system.  Generally, I create an invoice for you and you submit it to your purchasing or finance office.   Once they generate a Purchase Order (PO) number I will build and ship your exhibit.  Everything is included in the purchase price, a complete exhibit, shipping and your logo and text on the banner.

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