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Pricing Information

Many organizations are having to reallocate some of their grant funding due to the current pandemic.  Story Boards are a great way to do this.  
New: COVID-19 Exhibit   Call for Pricing
Lead Exhibit 
Asthma Exhibit
Healthy Heart Exhibit 
Diabetes Exhibit 
Healthy Home Exhibit 
Shipping costs are included in pricing.
Discounts may apply for ordering multiple exhibits or for return customers.  Inquire about possible discounts.

Each exhibit includes: A collapsible aluminum frame of four panels, 7 banners with English and Spanish text messages printed on them.


 1 banner tube, 4 voice boxes that speak to the visitors in English.


The Lead, Asthma and Health Heart exhibits include 1 mascot box with mascot enclosed (The Healthy Homes and Diabetes exhibits do not have a mascot),


The Lead Exhibit includes, 1 black light and 1 bottle of glo-germ powder which should last about a year.

Story Board Exhibits are affordably priced at about half of what similar interactive Exhibits would cost if they existed.

Story Board Enterprises, Inc. is the only company that makes these unique health education tools.

If you would like to have an exhibit designed for your unique program message, contact me for a brief consult and price quote. Gary Knutson,

Lead Poisoning Prevetion Exhibit

By submitting this order form I will receive a confirmation email of the order you would like to place. I will then create an invoice for you and you submit it to you to forwared to your purchasing or finance office.  Once they generate a Purchase Order (PO) number I will build and ship your exhibit.  Everything is included in the purchase price, a complete exhibit, shipping and your logo and text on the banner.

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