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Customize your COVID Banner or Exhibit


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")

Darryl Jones - 89A29904-AAA7-423F-8437-6

(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")

Banner images are available with or without a mask.

Design your own exhibit or panel. Choose from the various characters and images available here. Design your own message, add a logo, phone number, website, or email. 

The panels are 30" wide and 66" tall. The banners are made of a white cloth material that is hung on a collapsible aluminum frame. You can have one single panel or the panels can be attached to form a straight line, a "U" shape, "L" shape, or a "W" shape. These panels can make a great Covid-19 barrier as well. The panels are very portable, you can place them almost anywhere and move them without having to take them apart. 


Characters can be pictured with or without a mask. Typical messages are Wash You Hands, Get Tested/Vaccinated, Keep a six-foot social distance, and whatever else you would like to say. Contact me via email to discuss your ideas or schedule a Zoom meeting. 


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