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Healthy Homes Exhibit

Front and Back of the exhbit.

Scrole down the page and view all the panels in detail and listen to the audio voice box messeges!

First Panel

The Healthy Homes Exhibit is interactive, portable and effective at educating the public about several key Healthy Homes topics. The exhibit has two sides and four voice boxes mounted on it that guides a visitor through the exhibit. All the text on the banners is in English and Spanish.  T he messages on the voice boxes are in English. The last panel is an information rack where you can put your site specific educational materials for the visitor to take home. 

Panel 2 & 3

Voice Box Message

Voicebox Message:

Welcome to the Healthy Homes Exhibit. There are many things you can do to make your home a healthy and safe place for you and your family to live. Our first two tips are keeping your home clean and dry. Keeping your home clean can help reduce the spread of germs that can make your family sick, but be sure to use safe non-toxic cleaners. Keeping your home dry and well ventilated does several things. It can help improve air quality and reduce the growth of mold and mildew which can affect people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Keeping your home dry and clean also discourages pests from entering your home.

Panel 4

Voice Box Message

Voicebox Message:

Every year thousands of people die and millions are injured in the home due to accidents and fires. There are many things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of these tragedies ever occurring. 

The major cause of accidents in the home is falls. Help prevent these by installing handrails on stairways and in your bathroom shower or tub. If you have toddlers, install safety gates at stairways and put safety guards on windows. Keep walks and steps clear of ice, snow and clutter. Don't stand on furniture and use ladders properly. Also, be sure to use slip resistant rugs throughout your home. 

Another major concern is fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure your home has alarms and detectors installed in the proper places throughout your home and check them annually. Prepare at least two fire escape routes and practice them with your family. Have your electrical system inspected by a professional and never place electrical cords under rugs. Most fatal fires occur from the improper use of space heaters, chimney fires, faulty electrical systems and carelessly discarded cigarettes. 

Other important things you can do are: Keep poisons and prescription medication out of reach of children. Enclose pools and hot tubs on all sides with 5-foot high fencing. Teach your children how to swim and never leave a child alone by the pool. When placing a child down to sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants sleep on their back on a firm crib mattress. If you are a gun owner, keep guns and ammunition locked up. There really is a lot you can do to make your home safe.

Panel 5

Voice Box Message

Voicebox Message:                                                                                                             

Insects and other pests enter your home in search of water, food and shelter. By limiting their access to food and water you can discourage them from taking up residence in your home. Here are several important tips. Keep countertops clean and wash dishes right after a meal so that food is not left out. Keep sugar, cereals, crackers, cookies, and other snacks in sealed containers. Take out your trash every day, if possible, and keep it outside in rodent-proof cans. Fix plumbing leaks and eliminate any sources of standing water outside where mosquito's can breed. Caulk any cracks around the foundation of your home and repair any damaged siding where bugs make their nest. Use screens on all your windows and vents. Pesticides should be used as a last resort because many of them can trigger allergies or asthma attacks.

Panel 6

Voice Box Message

Voicebox Message in English for this panel.

Protect your family from harmful contaminates. Many of the products we buy to use around the home make our lives easier, however some of them if not used properly or ingested by a child can cause serious health problems or even death. Contaminates could be deadly gases or common household items such as cleaning products, insecticides, paint removers or prescription medications that are not stored properly. Some contaminates you cannot see such as lead in paint. If your home was built before 1978 it may contain lead-based paint. Dust and chips from lead-based paint can easily poison preschool-aged children. Have children six years and younger tested for lead. You can even have your home tested for lead. There is a lot you can do to make your home a healthy and safe place to live. It will take some effort on your part but in the long run it's worth it. Learn more on how you can make your home a healthy home and please take some of the information on the last panel.

Panel 7 & 8

Last panel:  No voice box.

Information rack:


Each exhibit has a panel at the end that is an information rack.  It is an ideal place for you to put your site specific outreach and educatinal materials for the public to take home and read.

Now that they have been through the exhibit and have a better idea of what the issue is, they are more likely to read that material and gain further information specific to your area.

A note from Gary:

I have worked with hundreds of agencies nationwide and everyone has their own purchasing system.  Generally, I create an invoice for you and you submit it to your purchasing or finance office.   Once they generate a Purchase Order (PO) number I will build and ship your exhibit.  Everything is included in the purchase price, a complete exhibit, shipping and your logo and text on the banner.

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