New: Design your own Covid-19 banner or exhibit.


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")

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(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")


(Actual Banner Size 30" X 66")

For the past 18 years these exhibits have proven to be excellent tools for educating the public.
All exhibits are portable, bi-lingual, interactive and affordable.

The new Covid-19 Exhibit is designed so that you can customize your own exhibit and message (I can help you with that).  Simply choose from the images provided and add the message you want to convey.  You can create a single banner (30" wide and 66" high) or design several panels that can be attached to one another.  Like all Story Board Exhibits, these panels are collapsible and very portable.  You can place them in a wide variety of locations and they are easy to move.  You can also have an information rack as one of the panels where you can put your site specific educational materials for visitors to take home.  

Please go to the Covid-19 Exhibit tab above to learn more.

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Check out the exhibits on Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention. 


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