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Gary Knutson

Owner and Founder

Stoaryboard Enterprises, Inc.

I founded Storyboard Enterprises in 2002.  I had been working with a non-profit for seven years that was addressing childhood health issues in the New York tri-state area.  What I discovered was that Public Health agencies had limited staff and funding.  When it came to outreach and education, their funding generally went to printing more health education flyers which people seldom read.  To help address this need I designed an exhibit on Lead Poisoning Prevention that was interactive, bi-lingual and portable.  I wanted the exhibit to be impressive and attract visitors so I made it 5 ½ tall and 8 feet long and double sided so visitors could interact with it and walk around it. 

The exhibit instantly became a success and now Story Board exhibits are in over 138 cities, 36 states and in Australia.  Since then I have created exhibits on Healthy Homes, Asthma Management, Diabetes Management and an exhibit called the “Healthy Heart” to help address obesity.  Many agencies have found the exhibits so effective they have come back to purchase more of the same exhibit or exhibits that address other issues. That’s the best endorsement I can site.

Made with Love

Each exhibit is hand crafted with over 1800 production steps to create a final product.  No other company makes anything like my exhibits.  If they did, they would charge significantly more.  My exhibits incorporate high quality construction, attractive art work, electronics and interactive features of my own design make the exhibit very attractive to the public.  The exhibits are uniquely priced for federal, state, county, city and non-profit agencies to acquire.  Fifteen years of research and development have made the exhibit a state of the art product.  When used properly each exhibit will last many years making your grant dollars extend well beyond your grant.

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